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What we do

Pinktree Collective is a consultancy specialising in the written word for art professionals, academics and students. We advise, translate, edit and proofread fine art texts, with a particular emphasis on 20th-century and contemporary practice and theory.

Now more than ever before, artists and curators depend on the written word to gain critical and commercial attention in a highly competitive environment. Grant applications, project proposals, catalogues and exhibition materials, articles, academic papers, social media and websites all need clear well-written texts aimed at a range of informed audiences. Often, these texts are required in languages other than the artist or author’s mother tongue.

Our translators and editors include artists, academics and journalists, who bring their extensive first-hand knowledge of the art world to each task. Currently, we work in Spanish, English and French. We are based in Colombia and the UK.

Our projects have included working with artists and writers to make successful applications for residencies (Brazil, Mexico, USA, Germany, France) and to prepare material accompanying exhibitions and fairs (Mexico, Colombia, France, UK).